Support Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a protocol that was born from a small community and has grown fast since. There are a lot of things you can do to help Bitcoin to spread and improve over time.

BitcoinUsing Bitcoin

Obviously, using Bitcoin is the first thing you can do to help its development. There are probably many cases where it can make your life easier. And you can accept payment in Bitcoin yourself.

NetworkBe the network

You can join the Bitcoin network by keeping the original software running on your computer. You can also do some Bitcoin mining to make the network more secure by helping to process transactions.


Bitcoin is open-source. So if you are a developer, you can use your super-powers to do good and improve Bitcoin. Or you can build amazing new services or software that can use Bitcoin.


The easiest way to help is to donate a few bitcoins or to join the Bitcoin Foundation. The Foundation funds the salary for the maintainers of the core Bitcoin software, organizes conferences, and provides other important resources.             13WmMSQK9S8te2oWFkBBPbWfkLPydMyMSz


Speak about Bitcoin to interested people. Write about it on your blog. Tell your favorite shops you would like to pay with Bitcoin. Or be creative and make yourself a nice Bitcoin T-shirt.